ThermGuard™ Overview

ThermGuard™ is a flexible tubular sleeve designed with materials and constructions to provide superior thermal protection and increased durability.

The ThermGuard™ Family of Products

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    Ben-Har™ 1151-FRB
    ThermGuard™ 1280
    • Thermal containment
    • Thermal insulation
    • Reduce thermal radiation
    • Mechanical protection
    • Engine wire harnesses
    • Fuel and hydraulic lines
    • Tubings and hoses
    • Primary end use customer European OEMs

Product Spotlight: ThermGuard™ 1280

ThermGuard™ 1280 is a heat-treated sleeve that provides superior protection against conducted and convected heat.

ThermGuard is composed of three layers:

  • An inside layer of knitted fiberglass to provide superior insulation to components that must maintain stable temperatures to ensure performance efficiency.

  • A middle layer of aramid which increase the sleeve abrasion resistance.

  • And an outside layer of silicone rubber coated to act as a barrier against dusts, fluids and to improve the flexibility of the product.

ThermGuard can be used on fuel and hydraulic lines, cables and hoses proximity to engines and exhaust systems.

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